Thursday, October 02, 2008

Coffee Inspired

  • The Global graphs in JRDF was inspired by the work done in MSG (minimum self-contained graphs, published in the RDFSync paper) and RDF Molecules. The former links to an implementation of DBin (P2P Semantic Web client) and there's also GVS (Graph Versioning System).
  • It's a trap (cloud computing) It's a fairly typical Stallman statement - not wrong but not aware of the compromises people make. It is obvious that one of the reasons vendors are excited about cloud computing is because it is a chance for them to try and own your data (or at least make switching too hard). But you do have to do more than put data in the cloud - you do have to have executable services there. There are open source cloud computing infrastructure that you can run-up on your own servers like Hadoop or CouchDB. And it's not just back to mainframes and renting CPU time out by the hour it really is different to what has gone before.

  • Live the Cloud Life lists the cloud computing applications in categories such as email, documents, data, music, photo editing and storing and browser synchronisation. Some categories are missing like RSS reading and calendaring.

  • Apple drops NDA - the outrage worked.

  • The main eResearch 2008 conference is over and some of the papers are available.

  • Speaking of which, all development, and that definitely includes software, in whatever organisation (universities, governments, banks, etc) should have failure as an option. One sign of a truly stuffed culture is to never have a project fail.

  • Muradora a refactoring of Fedora to allow pluggable authentication and enable metadata editing.

  • Acer Aspire One links: Dual Monitor Support,
    Installing Firefox 3 on Acer Aspire One Linux and
    Updated repositories. It's a shame that OpenOffice doesn't support presenters view yet.

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