Thursday, April 16, 2009

Trams in Brisbane and Per Capita Carbon Emissions

China expert raps luxurious Aussie life
Prof Pan was unimpressed with Australia's environmental standards, saying public transport seemed poor and the buildings and street lighting were not energy efficient.

He labelled as "insufficient" Australia's pledge to cut greenhouse emissions by five to 15 per cent by 2020.

The Chinese experts called for a global climate pact that would involve each country being allowed to emit a certain amount, based on their populations.

This is ominous for Australia because it has very high per capita emissions, whereas China has fairly low per capita emissions.

Australian climate adviser Ross Garnaut backed the per capita push in a video address to the conference, saying it was fair.

This was at the Australia-China Climate Change Forum.

Although the biggest mistake is that while there is hope that there is clean coal serious investment in other technologies doesn't exist, as highlighted by the recent Clean Coal Air Freshener advert from This is Reality.

As for public transport, Brisbane used to have trams including a line along Milton Road. There was fire in Paddington where Paddington Central is now and the trams were replaced by buses. The tram e-petition got a massive 600 signatures which puts it well behind things like a petition against recycling water.
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