Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pretending We All Don't Know

Some amazing writing and performance by Mike Daisey (mp3):
He just walked up to the Foxconn plant and wanted to see if anyone wanted to talk to him:

I wouldn't talk to me...she runs right over to the very first worker...and in short order we cannot keep up...the line just gets longer and longer...everyone wants to's like they were coming to work everyday thinking, "You know it'd be great?  It'd be so great if somebody who uses all this crap we make, everyday all day long, it'd be so great, if one of those people came and asked us what was going on because we would have stories for them...

I haven't gotten all the way through but he has a bit about talking to a girl that cleaned the glass on the assembly line:

You'd think someone would notice this, you know?  I'm telling you that I don't know Mandarin, I don't speak Cantonese...I don't know fuck all about Chinese culture but I do know that in my first two hours on my first day at that gate I met workers who were 14 years old, 13 years old, 12.  Do you really think that Apple doesn't know?  In a company obsessed with the details.  With the aluminium being milled just so, with the glass being fitted perfectly into the case.  Do you really think it's credible that they don't know?  Or are they just doing what we're all just doing, do they just see what they want to see?

It seems absolutely credible that they do know.

Update 17th of March: Retracting Mr Daisey (mp3) it appears his story was more fiction than not.  I took it more as performance than journalistic reporting but many claims aren't just errors they were just made up.  He did out and out lie when asked about child labour, "Well I don't know if it's a big problem. I just know that I saw it."  Which is a shame because verified reports of these conditions contain similar claims.

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