Friday, December 06, 2002

Semantic Web Services

"For Semantic Web services to become a reality, a markup language must be descriptive enough that a computer can automatically determine meaning." Goes through the steps of Discovery, Invocation, Composition and Monitoring.

"the Web Services Modeling Framework (WSMF) has been proposed to facilitate the creation of Semantic Web services. It is based in part on IBM's Web Services Flow Language (WSFL), an XML language for the description of business process-driven compositions of multiple Web services."

Written by the VP of Business and Technology Development for Semaview, Inc.

The Amicalola Conference, which I have talked about before, has a paper called "A Conceptual Architecture for Semantic Web Enabled Web Services" which covers the WSMF. Also of interest is an article by Uche Ogbuji called "Supercharging WSDL with RDF" which talks about replacing WDSL and UDDI with RDF and how this would simplify web services.
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