Thursday, August 12, 2004


Your RDF Query Language? "The DAWG has recently released the 2nd draft of its Use Cases and Requirements doc, which we're encouraging people to read and comment on. This document contains an odd baker's dozen of use cases -- little stories where we think a standard RDF query language would help you get the job done. It also includes some requirements and some design objectives. The former are things that we've put into the critical path: we won't be done till they are. The latter are things which we think would be good to do, but which we aren't (yet) willing to put into the critical path. Where do things stand now? The WG is trying to figure out what kind of interest there is from Semantic Web, RDF, XML, and web service developers in a few of its proposed design objectives"

Generally, my feedback so far is "it's all good". 4.6 is what we've started to do in iTQL although it gets tricky when combined with 4.5.1.
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