Friday, August 13, 2004

RDF in Plone

Plone as a semantic aggregator "...what if a CMS such as Plone could be turned into a universal content aggregator...Plone’s archetypes is able to import any schema specified in the form of an XMI file output by any UML modelizing editor...let’s build an RDF aggregator product from Plone. This product would retrieve any RDF file from any web site. (It would store it in the Plone’s triplestore called ROPE for instance). It would then retrieve the associated RDF-S file (and store it in the same triplestore) would import the RDF data as AT items conforming to the newly created AT content type..."

For the longest time I've hoped someone would take Kowari and plugged it into something like Slide or SnipSnap.

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