Monday, August 02, 2004

July 2004 issue of SIGSEMIS

I knew this was coming, but my lack of an internet connection meant I couldn't check it or read it. The next issue is ready for download in PDF format.

Includes an interview with Eric Miller:
"Freeing the data from the applications that created them and managing this information directly relates to a strong return on investment. The predominant skepticism I hear is perhaps the most is 'if I have XML why do I need RDF'. It's interesting however to see some of the skepticism dissipates after organizations learn from experiences (often times painful ones) that agreement on syntactic conventions are often overly brittle and not adequate for the effective management of data."

"The WWW2004 conference had a similar impact on me with regards to the Semantic Web. The technologies and toolkits are maturing. Semantic Web applications are becoming far more prevalent. Novel ideas for how these technologies may be used are happening on a daily basis. It was quite a week!"

Danny Ayer's "The Missing Webs":
"...there is a lot missing from the current Web. Those gaps can be filled in part using a logic-based framework."

It also includes lots of KM based articles, the ones I found interesting: "The Road Ahead to Competency-Based Learning Activity Selection: A Semantic Web Perspective", "Reflection on the future of knowledge portals", "Reflection on the future of knowledge portals", and "Methodologies for the Semantic Web: state-of-the-art of ontology methodology".

The book review, "Developing Semantic Web Services", has a link to Semantic Web Author a "...Multi-Markup Language (XML, RDF, and OWL) Validating Parser, Editor, and Web Development Environment."
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