Friday, August 20, 2004

RDFStore 0.5

"RDFStore version 0.50 has been released and available on CPAN. This is major release of the toolkit after 3 years - most of the code has been re-written in pure ANSI C and a new native indexing model for RDF has been built in. Several RDF based shallow Semantic Web applications has been successfully built using the toolkit from Asemantics S.r.l and its partners."

"Future developments will include support for upcoming DAWG/BRQL query language, pure C query interface, ODBC and JDBC APIs. Together with a Jena / Java and PHP front-ends."

Available for download.

From the CHANGE LOG: "A brand new indexing model for RDF data has been developed in this release - such a indexing model allows to store quite efficienty "pedantic" RDF descriptions by leveraging on compression of the index of triples using a custom RLE+VLE compression algorithm written in C and XS. It is under investigation the real need to have a custom compression algorithm for RDFStore instead of using one in the public domain; some tests showed that general purpose algorithms like LZO or LZF perfom worse in the specific case of RDFStore where the sparse matrix contains well-known patterns."
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