Monday, August 16, 2004

SW the board game

Glass bead games "A realization of Hesse's Glass Bead Game is presented. By associating small images ("beads" and "tiles") with ideas described in ordinary prose, a new vocabulary of glyphs is developed...In particular, arrangements take the form bead-tile-bead, signifying subject-predicate-object assertions...The entire structure, including narrative, bead phrases, and imagery is represented in the technical forms of the Semantic Web; all beads and tiles are labeled with URIs, and bead phrases become reified RDF. "

The Game: "The Game is a board game, with 1 - 10 players playing on a board with 4 concentric rings of hexagons, representing the developing stages of a relationship: Talk, Know, Like, Trust."

For ages 10-100.
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