Thursday, August 26, 2004

Urchin-Kowari project

ADTF: Urchin-Kowari "The Urchin-Kowari project replaces the mySQL database with the specialized RDF triple store Kowari. This takes advantage of the fact that all data in Urchin are RDF statements and Kowari is a specialized RDF database. Urchin and Kowari communicate via SOAP, and can be running on different machines. This decoupling of interface and storage allows users the freedom to access any available Kowari server on the Web. In Urchin-Kowari, the core Urchin functionalities are preserved as much as possible. The Web interface retains its look, but query syntax has been modified. Raw iTQL queries to the storage replace the RCQL queries. Many Urchin keywords are being developed. Administrative control of the channels is also preserved."

I don't want to get into one of these GNU/Linux type debates but surely it should be Kowari-Urchin. :-)
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