Friday, August 13, 2004

Vivid Display

VIVID "...enables browser-based viewing and publishing of complex OWL and RDF network structures cast into a densely-packed presentation format. Viewers can dynamically change the presentation by use of pivoting and an interactive filtering mechanism."

This is another application using Jena. It's quite easy to drop and and deploy VIVID, it just works. It's an interesting approach where XML or RDF is treated as a nested-column views in a table.

For example, you can pick an RSS 1.0 feed and choose the "Item" as the top-most column. Underneath that will be the title, link, etc. You can modify the recursive depth of the columns, at about level 6 when viewing by "Item" in RSS you get all of the elements displayed, with much repetition of course. Viewing things by "Channel" you get the entire view in about 4 levels.

As with most software there's a couple of bugs:
* It seems rows are duplicated, viewing things by "Channel" seems to repeat all the items twice.
* Some of the items that link/execute "callout.js" don't seem to work.
* The filtering (greater than, less than, etc.) didn't seem to work, at least under Safari or Mozilla.
* Loading the CIA Factbook RDF takes more than a few minutes so it's worthwhile choosing your own (small) set of RDF data.
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