Thursday, January 20, 2005


The Blogosphere as a Tuple Space "Tuple spaces get really interesting, though, because different collectives of users of the tuple space can each agree upon different sets of meanings for tuples—and the agreements exist outside of tuple space, so the space doesn’t need reconfiguration for any particular new use."

Reminded me of Semantic Clarity and a Google search also brings up Triple-space computing: Semantic Web Services based on persistent publication of information "...the semantic web is not made unnecessary based on the tuple-spaced paradigm. The global space can help to overcome heterogeneity in communication and cooperation, however, it does not provide any answer to data and information heterogeneity. In fact, this aspect is what the semantic web is all about."

Talking to Paul recently about how we were to proceed with OWL inferencing and it became apparent to me that the previous project to Kowari that I worked on, TMex, had a very similar alogirthm for processing documents and the underlying pre/post-conditions, coupled with the use of JMS (which has it's own query language) was similar to the modified Rete algorithm proposed for Kowari, it also had some similarities to some of the parallel rules based systems (still looking into that).

Via The Blogosphere as a Tuple Space
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