Sunday, December 18, 2005

Event Horizon

  • Semantic Web, Here We Come "The “Structured Blogging Initiative” is an attempt to jump-start the “semantic web,” the idea of giving deeper meaning to the Internet advocated by World Wide Web creator Tim Berners-Lee. By incorporating descriptive information into the code of web pages, laypeople will be able to designate their content as a movie review, an event posting, or an item available for sale." StructureBlogging initiative and other entries: "Structured blogging initiative taking off", "More StructuredBlogging feedback" and Structured Blogging is a thing you do -- not a format.

  • Bill de hÓra discusses RDF and database schemas: "Using RDF storage provides flexibility at the domain level. Altering tables isn't needed because RDF, being a graph based, is naturally additive...My (somewhat anecdotal) experience with RDF is that datasets in the order of 106 and greater aren't uncommon and that you should budget for an order of magnitude increase in terms of the number of rows required for the domain storage compared to an entity relational approach...It's an interesting question whether using RDBMSes to store RDF counts as some form of abuse, or bad engineering."

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