Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Bag Of Links


  • Support Creative Commons "We are down to the last $100,000, and really need your support — both for the very cool projects we’re launching (see, e.g., the license interoperability project, discussed recently in Technology Review, and the two new projects announced this week), and for the very uncool pressure we’re under from IRS regulations to demonstrate “public support” as a condition for keeping our (absolutely essential as in we can’t live with out it) tax exempt status." Via We've got 10 days, and we need $100,000. Please help

  • Passion of the Spaghetti Monster and Intelligent Design

  • Top 12 media myths and falsehoods on the Bush administration's spying scandal "...the Bush administration and its conservative allies in the media have defended the secret spying operation with false and misleading claims that have subsequently been reported without challenge across the media."

  • The Curious Section 126 of the Patriot Act "Congress is seeking assurances that "the privacy and due process rights of individuals" is protected in the course of the government using massive databases of non-publicly available data; both proprietary databases and its own compiled intelligence and law enforcement databases to "search" for terrorists and terrorist connections."


  • Client vs. Developer Wars "This, to me, is another indictment of dysfunctional specifications. I learned long ago that clients won't listen to what you say, and they certainly won't read what you write. You're much better off putting that wasted effort into a working model and setting it in front of the client. Let them play with it for a while. Refine the working model based on that feedback, then keep turning the crank on this cycle until you run out of resources."

  • Continuous Testing - in spirals "I want tests to run ‘inside out’ Imagine a spiral, with the unit test for the bit of code you’re currently editing to be the focal point. Ideally, I’d want a test to run first for the method I changed last, then for the whole class, then for the suite the class is in, then further out to other dependencies. Tests run outward only when green bars are encountered. If there is a red bar somewhere, the spiraling stops, so we can examine the failure, fix it, and see again from the inside which tests run."

  • Essential Advice for Agile Coaches

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