Saturday, December 31, 2005

Smalltalk meets the Semantic Web

Smalltalk:::OWL-Project "OWL has emerged from the AI/semantic community and tends to be in the open-source community which appears to be a direction for Smalltalk (e.g. Smalltalk Solutions at Linux World) Much of the work to date has been implemented in Python and Ruby which, from a language perspective, is very close to Smalltalk. However, those languages become less appealing if you have ever worked in the IDE's supporting those languages. OWL can provide the Smalltalk community with a "market" that is a good fit for the features of the ST language and supporting IDE's."

"Agilense provides a product named EA an implementation of the Adaptive Object Model pattern..."

A good summary of AOM: "We call these systems "Adaptive Object-Models", because the users' object model is interpreted at runtime and can be changed with immediate (but controlled) effects on the system interpreting it. The real power in Adaptive Object-Models is that the definition of a domain model and rules for its integrity can be configured by domain experts external to the execution of the program."...If you got just one reason why EJB is flawed, this has got to be the one, you can't build systems for Enterprises at the same time take away control form the business stakeholders."
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