Friday, May 18, 2012

Constructivism - Why You Should Code

I think this article on why you shouldn't code is wrong. It's wrong in a way that I was wrong in high school that I would never need to know German, art or biology. It's wrong in the way I was wrong about never needing to know set theory or relational theory or category theory. But it's also wrong in the ways I will never really know, "Computer As Condom":
Debbie hated math and resisted everything to do with it. Tested at the bottom of the scale. She learned to program the computer because this let her play with words and poetry, which she loved. Once she could write programs she found a way to tie fractions into words and poetry. Writing witty programs about fractions led her to allow herself to think about these previously horrible things. And to her surprise as much as anyone's her score on a fractions test jumped into the upper part of the scale.
What you do as a job programming in C#, Java, JavaScript or whatever has very little to do with the way people use coding to learn about learning. That's the most disappointing thing about the article. It is the terrible idea that learning how to code lessens the world if you do it wrong. Learn to code backwards in time in Latin in Perl but don't listen to anyone who says you shouldn't code.
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