Monday, March 25, 2002

Joseki RDF Server

While this is not ready for any serious use the people at HP (who do Jena) have released an implementation of a NetAPI for RDF.

"There are many areas for improvement:

  1. Ungraceful in the presence of errors

    1. Client code does not cope with error codes for operations
    2. Server is brittle with respect to malformed client requests. The client APIs should not generate illegal request (the client code parses RDQl queries before sending to check them on the client side).
    3. Server will crash if any internal error occurs

  2. No protocol versioning
  3. No simple query operation - only RDQL supported.
  4. No query-delete operation support
  5. No security : anyone can update models the server hosts.
  6. Only changes to BDB or RDB models will persist: changes to file-based models are not written back to the file.
  7. Use with relational database stores is untested."
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