Thursday, August 14, 2003

Data, Loosely Coupled

Semantic integration: Loosely coupling the meaning of data " a standards-based, loosely coupled architecture, when the barriers to application integration are removed, instead of being helpful constructs, these various data structure representations actually get in the way. How information is stored and represented interferes with the meaning of that information."

"In order to follow this "Just-in-time" integration style, for service requesters to be able to consume data in an SOA, the data must be decoupled from any specific technical assumption (such as a specific data schema or format) so that they can be accessed via discoverable, loosely coupled, dynamically bindable services. Now this requirement doesn't mean that the data shouldn't have any structure at all, it just means that the service interface hides the details of that structure from the user, and the service interface itself is dynamically created based on the context of the service requester."
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