Saturday, March 20, 2004

DL-XML Mapper

Integrating DL and XML "Semantic Web Service concepts like DAML-S or the MCM Semantic Web Service Matchmaker provide means for storage and retrieval of web services far beyond text or UDDI based search. These concepts use Description Logics as a means to express the semantics of services. However, these Description Logic formats (e.g. the "RDF/XML"-serialization of DAML+OIL) are not directly compatible with the XML formats used by today's Web Services. In other words, the lingua franca of the Web is still XML, the advantages of Description Logics notwithstanding.

In order to gain some level of interoperation between Semantic Web Service concepts and traditional XML based Web Service concepts (and between Semantic Web and Web in general!), it is necessary to provide bridges between the (RDF/DAML/OWL based) concept description community and the XML/SOAP style of message passing."

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