Thursday, May 06, 2004


I'm really impressed by Paul's blow by blow report on our inferencing work (he also mentions Lawrence Lessig on Australian radio). We're only doing RDFS at the moment. We'll being doing at least owl tiny, we're still deciding. Without Sesame or Jena some of these architectural decisions would have been much harder. I think we've got the right mix of new ideas based upon work that's been done before.

Edd Dumbill won't be attending WWW2004 and that's a shame. Especially because I'm going to be there - hopefully to put faces to names. I think the developer's day looks good - "Doug Cutting, the leader of the Nutch open-source search engine project, and an interactive luncheon Q&A with Tim Berners-Lee." TKS will be there too. TKS is Kowari with other features such as security, related to queries, support and GUI management.
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