Sunday, July 02, 2006

Searching for Links

  • Re: Implementations using "compositional semantics" Sesame looking at using relational algebra for implementing SPARQL. This maybe similar to the relational RDF approach. More in the Sesame CVS repository and JRDF Subversion repository.

  • DARQ - Federated Queries with SPARQL "It provides transparent query access to multiple, distributed SPARQL endpoints as if querying a single RDF graph. DARQ enables the applications to see a single query interface, leaving the details of federation to the query engine."

  • Why the World is ready for the Semantic Web "Current web applications that could be cited as Semantic Web proofs of concept are…" Google, RSS, Tagging and Mash-ups. Somewhat a response to, "The 7 Flaws of the Semantic Web".

  • OpenRDF "I don't know the people at Aduna, but frankly if sesame is the best they can produce, it's sad. Looking at the code, it's very clear sesame will run slow and scale like crap. The code isn't as convoluted and crappy as Jena2, but it's not what I consider good code either. The design and implementation is flawed all over and will likely need to be thrown out once people try to use it. So far the semantic web community has managed to produce only crap and doesn't know how to implement a scalable, and fast rule engine."

  • The really easy way... "People form, and break...their own social circles, in their own social ways...not Pre-fabricated with all sorts of SPARQLy knobs, and levers, and release valves...Simple tools that make life just a little bit easier at a time is all the world both wants AND needs."

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