Tuesday, May 27, 2003

DARPA gives US$1.7 million for OS Semantic Web Project

"Teknowledge says the open source framework will be one of the tools that drives the Semantic Web from research vision to practical reality.

"[Our] Knowledge Systems group is doing extremely innovative research and development that will provide a semantic foundation for the next generation of financial and security software applications," Teknowledge president and CEO Neil Jacobstein said in a statement. "The software in our lives today may be graphical, fast, and useful, but it knows very little about its users tasks, or the underlying meaning of what is displayed on a computer screen. This project is exciting because it offers the possibility of building software that can begin to provide meaningful support for user tasks. I would not describe this as a breakthrough, but rather an incremental step in a long development path. This kind of software has been on Teknowledge's radar screen for over twenty years, and its day is coming."

The technology is steeped in Teknoledge's Suggested Upper Merged Ontology (SUMO) and the company says it has mapped it to over 100,000 word senses in the WordNet natural language lexicon. The company says its research helps give technical users a comprehensive language for asking precise questions."

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