Wednesday, May 07, 2003

JFluid and Jeneva

JFluid "JFluid is a profiling tool that allows you to profile an arbitrary subset of your program, that can be changed while the program is running. It uses a modified Java(tm) HotSpot(tm) VM, that supports dynamic bytecode instrumentation. This is a new experimental capability in the JVM, that allows tools to hotswap any methods of a running application on-the-fly, and do that as many times as needed." Only available for Windows and Solaris.

Borland Heats Up New, Upgraded Java Tools ""Janeva enables .Net clients and servers to connect with J2EE and CORBA back ends using [Internet Inter-ORB Protocol] as the transport mechanism," Elloy said. Janeva comes with C#Builder, the Borland development environment for .Net Framework."
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