Friday, October 07, 2005


So the JRDF 0.3.4 was replaced last night due to a problem in the Ant build script creating it with source instead of classes - so much for QA.

Following that little discovery a few other problems related to RDF/XML parsing have been fixed: Does not resolve relative URIs correctly and Stacked xml:base directives with relative URIs not processed. The first is due to the difference between the way Java's URI classs resolves and the way its defined in RDF/XML. In section 5.2 of RFC2396 says: "...any characters after the last (right-most) slash character, if any, are excluded." and the RDF/XML specification says: "These specifications do not specify an algorithm for resolving a fragment identifier alone...The empty string is transformed into an RDF URI reference by substituting the in-scope base URI."

The second is a fix from Sesame's RIO.
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