Monday, October 10, 2005

Just for Fun

-Ofun "One of the key realizations of modern Internet projects (the oft-quoted Web 2.0) is that on the whole, your users can be trusted. The key is that the users also need to have the tools needed to repair any damage the tiny minority may cause. For a development project, modern version control systems can give you "anarchy with an audit trail". If something does go wrong (intentionally or more likely accidentally), it's easy for any other developer to identify and fix or revert the problem. Having this safety net allows the project to run full-bore without time-wasting process getting in the way, and without undue worry that code quality will suffer...before atomic changesets and quality merge tools, it was extremely difficult to roll back a single change made at some point in the past; now it is much easier to do so. And without a proper test suite, it's hard to tell if a change broke the code in the first place...skill ladders are part of the very definition of fun. True passion and community-building rarely develop around a project that doesn't have such a ladder."

Via Slashdot.
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