Monday, October 03, 2005

The Future is Google Ads Everywhere (powered by SPARQL)

Scoble ? RDF "SPARQL is an answer to the question “What if I want to do SQL-like querying when I know perfectly well that everybody will be using their own incompatible database schema?” I’ve been a SemWeb skeptic, but I look at SPARQL and I think: Suppose you could assemble a ton of property-value pairs about web sites, and suppose on the front end you could build a nice responsive query page that allowed you to compose queries like Scoble’s hotel search; well then, SPARQL would be more or less exactly what you need to bridge the gap. Hey, isn’t Guha’s Alpiri project more or less that back-end? And isn’t Guha working at Google now?"

And what would we do with this perfect engine and ubiquitous bandwidth - ads. Author: Google's Patents Reveal Strategy To Beat Microsof "In Arnold’s analysis, he said some filings in the patent portfolio point to an accelerated use of high-speed fiber and wireless that could be used to deliver Google technology...An ultimate goal of the firm is to deliver completely individualized ads to users."
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