Thursday, February 02, 2006

Hypercode - Beyond AJAX

There's nothing like combining two technologies together to produce something that sounds cool, Redfoot, "...can be best described as a webized Operating System. An operating system built around the notion of hypercode and where the persistence is built around the notion of an RDF Graph rather than a File Tree (see the namesys Graph vs. Tree). It provides standard web mechanisms to transport information across different machines and programmatically specifies the tasks for bundling and installing new software features across networked machines. The functions of Redfoot are analogous to that of an operating system kernel that manages resources across the web. To allow humans and other HTTP service agents to utilize Redfoot, it uses RDFLib and third party libraries such as Twisted and Kid to convert between RDF-based information and HTML or other popular formats. Therefore, each Redfoot server, is designed to interacting with a human, other redfeet, or any other HTTP-aware computing service. The design and implementation principles of Redfoot is to recursively utilize existing standards and libraries whenever and whereever it can, resulting in a highly compact, yet functionally rich execution kernel."

Hypercode " mainly designed as a portable database that helps both programmers and machines to exchange either executable or structured data...specifically utilizes RDF to capture both the structure and meaning of raw data in the XML-based global naming context, therefore, it has the potential to better utilize information in the code's execution context when necessary. In other words, Hypercode dosen't only treat Python or other scripting language as textual data, the defacto interpreter, Redfoot server, could adaptively leverage the supporting resources and execution policies defined in the associated RDF content to control the rights and behavior of script execution."

I was looking at O'Reilly's Twisted book this morning.

I don't know where I read this but it seems cool enough to download and try - like the Bookmark aspect.
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