Monday, February 06, 2006

New URLs

  • Selenium IDE 0.7 Released "It is 100% functional by itself, or it can be used in combination with Selenium and any of the language (Java, Ruby, etc) drivers, provided you are willing to write the output template."
  • JSONC, JSONI, JSONP: Creating tailored JSON from SPARQL query results "What's missing (if we want to avoid custom, server-side code or heavy pre-processing on the client) is a way to tell the SPARQL endpoint to arrange and index the tabular results before they are serialised as JSON: JSONI. The jsoni parameter works similar to the jsonc one, but it allows nesting of result vars to specify index structures" - JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)
  • Grady Booch links to "Why I Hate Frameworks": "According to our research, what people really needed wasn't a Universal Hammer after all. It's always better to have the right kind of hammer for the job. So, we started selling hammer factories, capable of producing whatever kind of hammers you might be interested in using."
  • On Rigid Rules "The getters and setters on their own aren't a problem. It's how and why they are called that can cause problems. If other objects are calling getters and setters then doing work on the result, it's likely that many objects need to do the same work. This results in duplicated code. Duplicated code causes rigidity. Any design change that affects this code will affect all
    copies requiring changes to be made across the system. It's better to have one copy of the code performing this operation and the natural place to put that code is in the original object."
  • USB could sap Core Duo's power "Tom’s Hardware Guide, has discovered a glitch in one Core Duo/Napa system that suggests machines based on the platform might see unexpectedly short battery life, when operated on battery power with USB 2.0 devices are attached to them."
  • Special Topics B Proposal "...SET is designed specifically for commerce [allowing it to] have a 1024-bit cipher block [Vis96b]. Combining this with the backing of major Internet and credit card companies, SET is destined to become the standard means of transmitting electronic, commercial data in the next year or so." And for what really happened.
  • SWEO Suggestion #2 : Semantic Web in a Box Lists the key properties of a turn-key Semantic Web application. I would add some maybe metadata extraction and P2P ability but that's probably too much bloat.
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