Thursday, November 09, 2006

Mr Sparkle

Just posted, "Applying the relational model to SPARQL" to the DAWG comments list. It describes the work done adding SPARQL support (or small bits of it anyway) to JRDF. A HTML version to follow.

Direct link (PDF ~500K).

BTW, if anyone notices any grammatical errors please let me know and I'll fix them right up. I get to the point where I can't read what I've written anymore so there's bound to be a few errors.

Update: I've updated it with some small typos fixed, formatting and the example relations (some conversions to S1 -> Supplier1 that I missed) were fixed up.

Update 2: The HTML version is now available. Many thanks to Eric Prud'hommeaux for the work he did converting the original PDF.
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