Tuesday, February 27, 2007

SVG Support

Recently, Adobe announced the End Of Life (EOL) for their SVG plugin (the way that most people view SVG). And more importantly, the plugin is not certified to be installed on Vista.

From what I can tell that's because of their acquisition of Macromedia and Flash:

The bomb, though expected by the people in the know, was Adobe's discontinuation of its SVG viewer plug-in, the dominant SVG viewer. It was the way to show SVG in any browser (which for most users means the Internet Explorer browser), and though as Adobe had paid good money to buy Flash, the terms struck everyone as stunningly harsh, if not directly hostile to SVG: By the first announcement the plug-in would be gone and unavailable by the end of this year. Later Adobe relented giving the plug-in, a longer lease of life, you can download the unsupported plus-in next year too. This was obviously taken as bad news, but personally I think this is advantageous in the long run, much like when AOL Netscape ceased ownership of Mozilla. This was commonly seen as the end of Mozilla, but I thought it was more likely to be the beginning and was proven right. Sugar daddies are only advantageous to a point. Worse than the loss of ASV is that authoring products like Illustrator are unlikely to provide useful SVG support.

For cross browser rendering of SVG (or something SVG like) some alternatives include:
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