Friday, August 19, 2005

Quick Links

* Songs of the Extremos from the people that brought you The Case Against XP. Maybe in reply someone like Kent Beck will use some Bob Dylan (I wonder who will introduce them). For an interesting view see Bob Dylan: A genius? and The meanings behind the words of the Beatles.
* In trying to find the source of the term "gold plated" in terms of software, I was pointed to "NASA’s Success Checklist": "Implement only what is required. Developers, managers, and customers often think of small, easy changes that seem to make the software better. These changes often have much more far-reaching impacts than anticipated by the specific developer who will implement the change. Do not let additional complexity creep into the project through gold-plating."
* What if VisiCalc had been patented?. Many interesting points, such as: "On the other hand, innovation in VisiCalc-like spreadsheets continued, with Lotus doing things we wouldn't, and then Microsoft moving things further ahead with Excel going in areas Lotus neglected." Also links to, "Patenting VisiCalc".
* Not 2.0? and Web 2.0 or Not?. Such quotes as: "...the key to success in this next stage of the web's evolution is leveraging collective intelligence. And yes, Google's introduction of page rank was absolutely a milestone in this evolution of the web..."
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