Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Agile Anchors

XP2006 Patterns lists a summary of experiences in adopting agile development practices including anti-patterns: Unpaid Debt, Lots of Bugs Found by Customer. Some metrics to help drive agile software development with this not so contraversial claim, "Code coverage metrics measure the percentage of methods and classes under test. Developers should strive for 100% test coverage on classes that are behaviorally intense. The CCN can be used as a baseline for the number of tests required per method. If a method has CCN of three, a good starting point to exercise all paths through code would be three tests. Additional tests may be required that exercise error conditions and alternate behaviors. A robust suite of unit tests provides the courage necessary to refactor." Also mentioned, in "Examining Test-Driven Development, "The reality is that your unit tests form a large part of your design specification, and similarly acceptance tests form a portion of your requirements specification..."
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