Saturday, April 28, 2007

Planet RDF Roundup

  • Research Project: Pig Given Yahoo's usage of Hadoop it's good to see them building a query layer on top of it. And it's not SQL - hence the name - it's relationally based (it uses bags and still has DISTINCT) because that scales. Hah! Some of the documentation is gold, "In a conventional database management system, SQL queries are translated into relational algebra expressions, which are in turn translated into physical evaluation plans. Pig Latin queries are already an algebra, so we're bypassing the first layer." It even has nested relations and a flatten operation (which removes the nesting). A good read at "Yahoo Pig and Google Sawzall". Notes that Google's Sawzall looks like Scala.

  • REST Compile/Describe & WADL together with I finally get REST. Wow. all link to WADL. In what seems like an age ago, I remember several enterprise architects asking what the REST equivalent to WSDL was. The later has one of the best one liners to describe REST, "state machine as node graph traversed via URI". An example of how to use is give in "REST Describe first working Beta released"

  • Stavanger, oil, and the Semantic Web Talks about the "Norwegian Semantic Web Days" which covered things such as the OBO foundary.

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