Monday, April 02, 2007

Testing and AJAX

Two completely unrelated areas of interest.

The first is Unitils which automates a number of testing tasks. It includes:
* Equality assertion through reflection, with options like ignoring Java default/null values and ignoring order of collections.
* Support for database testing involving test data management with DbUnit, automatic maintenance of unit test databases and automatic constraints disabling
* Hibernate integration features such as session management and testing the mapping with the database
* Integration with Spring, involving ApplicationContext management and injection of spring managed beans
* Integration with EasyMock and injection of mocks into other objects

The cookbook offer concrete examples to do things like mock object injection and the like.

The second is Slingshot: Desktop Apps via Rails, "Slingshot looks like it wraps up a Rails app and packages it in such a way that the user is opening up a Site Specific Browser that accesses your world". It's seen as an alternative to the Firefox 3 or Apollo.
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