Friday, April 26, 2002

RDF Author and other fancy stuff

There's a Swing version of RDFAuthor although it appears like it's a quite a few months older than the most recent version of the OSX one:

I still couldn't find how this was related but it's basically using RDF and Flash to do a GUI to show how different board members and companies in the Fortune 100 are related. There's even the Coke and Pepsi relationship.

I did find though the guy that is the "RDF Advisor to the Creative Commons project led by Larry Lessig" (Larry!!) and co-authored RSS 1.0 (we won't hold that against him). He's been working on
a decentralized triple store written in Python (we might hold that against him):

He points to Tristero which again is another distributed triple store:

There's also ERights. Which is a very cool distributed security platform. Smart Contracts and interesting links to Austrian economics there!

DARPA did security review saying:
"The E capability architecture seems to be a promising way to stretch those borders beyond what was previously achievable, by making it easier to build security boundaries between mutually
distrusting software components."

"As a pure-Java library, ELib provides for inter-process capability-secure distributed programming. Its cryptographic capability protocol enables mutually suspicious Java processes to cooperate safely, and its event-loop concurrency and message pipelining enable high performance deadlock free distributed pure-object computing."

Manage Without Them with 7 reason to like Austrian Economics:
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