Thursday, June 20, 2002

Scary Anthems

No wonder everyone picks on these countries they need to put a couple of girts and abounding and take out some of the fighting and guns.

"So long as there is the earth and the heavens;
So long as the world endures;
So long as there is life in the world;
So long as a single Afghan breathes;
There will be this Afghanistan.
Long live the Afghan nation.
Long live the Republic.

God is greatest!
He is above the plots of the aggressors,
And He is the best helper of the oppressed.
With faith and with weapons I shall defend my country,
And the light of truth will shine in my hand.

In a similar vein may-be a small rim of plenty surrounding uninhabitable desert in the middle, more dangerous bitey things than anywhere else, drought stricken lands, expensive high speed bandwidth etc:
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