Friday, June 28, 2002

Wonderful World of RDF (this is not new)

Google is a Semantic Web Application because it reasons using links. Links are untyped and basically could be thought of as statements. An improved Google may simply be achieved by improving the granularity of it from pages to sentences or paragraphs (sounds a little like natural language parsing to me).

Cyc Argument is also interesting. "In an alternative view of machine-intelligence development, personal computers are already so powerful that they are not the bottleneck problem at all. This is my view.

This view is best likened to priming a pump. Visualize your brain as a knowledge pump. Knowledge goes in, gets stored, combined, copied, or whatever; from time to time, you say or write or do things that are, in effect, ways for your brain to emit knowledge. On a good day, the knowledge you give out may be as good or better than the knowledge you put in."
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