Friday, June 20, 2003

Behind the Scene

To bee or not to bee ""This all sounds wonderful, but five years on it has failed to materialise. According to John Davies, manager of next-generation web research for BT Exact, BT's research arm, that's because the web is simply too huge. "Whether it will make the step to the external web, the jury is out. It's unlikely that anyone will turn those five billion pages into RDF any time soon," he points out."

One way to make it happen would be to build artificially intelligent software robots that go out and automatically recode the existing information on the web in RDF form."

"The first implementations of Semantic Web technology are taking place behind the scenes, within companies that work in specific industries."

I would tend to agree with this last statement. In a commercial environment the production of good metadata, ontologies and the like are a competitive advantage - not something, necessarily, to be shared. The tools and probably some ontologies should be free, of course.
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