Monday, June 09, 2003

JXTA 2.1

JavaOne 2003: Sun To Debut JXTA 2.1 " Sources close to the company said that Sun, for instance, quietly plans to integrate JXTA support into its future N1 platform and possibly Solaris/Sun ONE stack. They also claim that Sun is considering integrating JXTA collaboration features into its StarOffice suite. Sun, which has developed reference implementations of JXTA for J2SE and J2ME, would neither comment on JXTA 2.1 nor its plans for integrating JXTA into its product line.

In the Windows world, developers have access to Groove Networks' P2P APIs and platform and are awaiting integration of P2P technologies into Windows XP later this year and in the next Windows Longhorn release.. "

"Momentum, which allows users to create shared workspaces, share files, exchange messages and simultaneously edit shared documents, runs on Windows currently. At JavaOne next week, InView will unveil a Linux version that will allow Linux users and StarOffice users to have the same P2P capabilities."
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