Thursday, July 01, 2004

FOAF next for Feedster?

An Interview With Feedster’s Scott Rafer, Part II "All this semantic web stuff is derived from a file format called RDF. RSS is a very simple version of that. The next one to gain any popularity is FOAF, which stands for “friend of a friend.” Under the hood, several of the social networks, LinkedIn, Tribe, maybe a couple of the others, are FOAF-based, and it’s very easy for them to start turning all those relationships into feeds, if they want. And that’s what I personally want, given my own habits. I know a lot of people in my “second degree” in LinkedIn. If I could have a feed of my second degree, as it increases, so I could go into my RSS aggregator and just hit links for “Yes, I know that guy” or “No, don’t know him,” they would end up with a much richer database, knowing more about me and my network. It would be really time efficient, and I’d be even more likely to pay for their service when they start charging."
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