Monday, July 19, 2004

XQuery, XDS and Oracle

Integrating Data Using XML Data Synthesis "XDS provides an easy-to-use declarative framework to plug-in and query across the information sources. Instead of writing custom applications to access information from disparate information sources, customers have a choice of using XDS to build their information integration applications."

"There's a lot of similarity between the technologies Andrew links to, together with what Oracle are trying to achieve with XDS and XQuery, and what we're trying to do with business intelligence, data warehousing and data mining. It wouldn't suprise me if we start to hear more about XML, XQuery, RDF and so on in a business intelligence context in the future, and I fully expect these sorts of technologies making their way into Oracle's BI & knowledge management products over the next few years."

I've mentioned Oracle's recent interest in RDF here and here.
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