Monday, September 19, 2005


* Questioning RDF "'Now I hear the argument that one does not need to know hedge automata to use RELAX NG, and all that, but I don't think it applies in the case of RDF. In RDF, the model semantics are the primary reason for coming to the party. I don't see it as an optional formalization. Maybe I'm wrong about that and it's the need to write a query language for RDF (hardly typical for the Web punter) that is causing me to gurgle in the muck.'...I definitely think there is some merit to disconnecting RDF from the Semantic Web and seeing if it can hang on its own from that perspective...I've wondered if there is similar usefulness lurking within RDF once it loses its Semantic Web baggage."
* An early look at JUnit 4 If you don't like TestNG or JUnit 4 what do you do? I like the "failXXX() throws FooBarException" better. The annotations just don't do it for me.
* XML Virtual Machines "You can target XUL for deployment to the Mozilla platform, today. XULRunner now means you can develop and test away in double quick time . Yes, Mozilla is a platform (a XUL visual forms builder could be a game changer on the client, as well saving some folks I know a lot of typing ;). And if you need a thicker-than-that client, then consider the OpenOffice platform."
* The Future of Mobility is Linux "The latest news I’ve seen about the Nokia 770 is that it’s going to have a host of applications ready for it at launch, including VoIP software, streaming media, chat applications, Doom, etc. The thing that’s so amazing about this is that the 770 is essentially the *same exact hardware* that’s on my Nokia 6680, yet the development pace for the 770 is way more rapid. In addition, there’s at least a half a dozen blogs and bloggers dedicated to the device, and it hasn’t even launched yet. This shows the power of an open environment and the draw of Linux and its fans."
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