Friday, May 26, 2006

Logo in Ruby

If It's Not Nailed Down, Steal It "Pattern Matching, S-Expressions, and Domain Specific Languages in Ruby...Pattern matching is a relatively rare language feature found in Standard ML, OCaml0, Haskell, Common Lisp (CLOS), and a handful of others. It’s a form of multiple dispatch, so pattern matching functions run different code when called with different arguments. Pattern Matching lets you do this dispatch based on type, value, and even internal structure of the function’s arguments...Ruby gives us everything we need to represent S-expressions. Ruby list literals are written in enclosing brackets ([...]) and use commas as separators. Symbols are written as barewords proceeded by a colon (:)...Okay, enough talk, let’s implement a simple version of the Logo programming language in Ruby. Remember Logo3? That language with the silly turtle that draws? "
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