Monday, January 08, 2007

Three Links Plus One

  • Major revision (1.01) of the Music Ontology Scooping the goodness inside as I'm currently designing an ontology (online instruments that are net ready). I'm after any well designed ontologies at the moment (and their success in production).

  • Unrolling nested queries Ahh the quest for answer closure continues.

  • AllegroGraph and TopBraid 1.5 and Calendar Mashup in TopBraid Composer Currently using SWOOP and Protege but TopBraid is impressive (and expensive). "More recently they have started to use their Lisp platform to develop Semantic Web technology solutions. AllegroGraph is one of their Semantic technology flagship products, and they have done some great progress with it in recent months. From what I have seen, AllegroGraph has really good performance and is now (as far as I know) the best professional RDF triple store on the market. They even have a free entry-level version of AllegroGraph, that scales to up to 50 million triples."

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