Sunday, July 28, 2002

Google and the Semantic Web

I've been rereading a number of articles about Google and the Semantic Web. Having just put a stat button on I've noticed that just about all my hits come from Google and I imagined how annoying it would be if you typed in "vivisimo" and got my page instead of the search engine (a cunning Google plot). Of course, what's the best way to find these pages about Google, people linking to me, people linking to the page about Google and the Semantic Web, the Semantic Web in general and privacy concerns with Google...Google.

The old articles:

I can understand people trying to escape from Google's grip:

Resistance is useless - Google is the future. The below article talks about the future where Google has taken over as the repository of all ideas, commerce and business in general. One of the ideas is a "Google Marketplace Manager". It's simple enough to use Google's vast collection of data, RDF and user details. The idea of a decentralised system beating a centralised Google approach, is a seductive one though. And we all dream of a time when we can sell a guitar or a human organ annonymously and efficiently.

None of this has appeared on the Google weblog:

However, it did link to a few Google visualizers. These are really cool. I've spent hours mucking around with these.
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