Friday, July 26, 2002


Has O'Reilly gone MS mad? Have I gone O'Reilly mad? Well I don't know but this is also another startlingly obvious thing from our friends at Microsoft. It looks from a quick look like a version of JXTA:

"To allow this decentralized approach to work without chaos ensuing, GXA builds upon the hierarchical nature of the URI mechanism to act as a "federator" of disparate, autonomous organizations."

"The focused nature of GXA protocols allows them to be used as protocol building blocks. This composability allows one to combine orthogonal GXA protocols (e.g., WS-Security, WS-Routing) into a single message. Unlike large, monolithic protocols, GXA can be adopted piecemeal or en masse. If your application doesn't need a particular GXA protocol, it is reasonable to not use it while still using other parts of the architecture."

It is also transport neutral too. It's not clear to me which one is actually better, except that you can download JXTA today and get it to work.
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