Friday, October 04, 2002

OS Keynote

"Pogue put up a screenshot of Mac OS 1.0. The picture showed an entire OS, application, and application data fit on a single 400K floppy disk with room to spare. The OS took up 211K. "You couldn't put the Mac OS X logo in 211K!" he quipped.

Later, Pogue showed the crowd an exclusive movie. Back in the dark days when Apple killed off the Newton PDA, they ended up with a surplus of Newton modems. What to do with 4000 modems? Simple: Modeminos!

The movie -- made by Apple employees and sent exclusively to Newton developers -- showed the workers building an elaborate multi-room "domino" chain by standing the rectangular modems on end and then tumbling the 4000-piece chain in a grade finale. Hilarious. The video concluded with the Apple 6-color logo and the tagline: "Apple. The Power to Say Buh-bye!""
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