Friday, October 11, 2002


"SMORE is a tool that allows users to markup their documents in RDF using web ontologies in association with user-specific terms and elements.

The aim of this software is as follows:

* To provide the user with a flexible environment in which he can create his web page without too many hindrances involving markup
* To allow the user to markup his document with minimal knowledge of RDF terms and syntax. However, the user should be able to semantically classify his data set for annotation i.e. breakup sentences into the basic subject-predicate-object model
* To provide a reference to existing ontologies on the Internet in order to use more precise references in his own web page/text. The user can also create his own ontology from scratch and borrow terms from existing ontologies
* To ensure accurate and complete RDF markup with scope to make modifications easily"

I've already downloaded it and started playing with it. It doesn't look like they are using Jena for RDF parsing and the like. It supports OWL. Creating RDF from the ontologies is very straight forward, although I'm not sure how you create reified statements yet (haven't read the Help yet that might help). Very interesting.
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