Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Collaborative Learning

Sometimes I feel that blogs are just the "highlighter pen" of the collaborative process. I find that running through a book with a highlighter to be one of the worse ways of learning. While blogs are slowly getting better with things like pingbacks and the like there's still a long way to go. I've been trying with RCOSjava to get some place better especially the idea of hypertime to help in the learning and creative process.

Anyway, as this article states: "There is no mistaking the shift in society’s focus from thriving on competition to the need for collaboration. Communication and conversation are among the keys to learning. As Peter Drucker often points out, we need knowledge workers who are skilled in problem-solving, collaboration and learning. Therefore, education must prepare workers for these environments. "

"Simulations are likely the next major market for e-learning collaboration. Already, companies such as WisdomTools are developing collaborative and facilitated scenario learning tools. Scenario-based simulations offer e-learners a chance to test their new knowledge or skills in a safe environment. Learners can be exposed to potential cultural or job-related situations before they are given additional duties or are transferred to a different region or country. As simulation tools increase in authenticity and power, they will require greater opportunities for joint decision-making and role-play."
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