Tuesday, March 04, 2003


On Prevayler: "As I have argued on many occasions, a major problem in the IT industry is the large and increasing number of practitioners -- particularly the younger, Web-oriented generation -- who have a programming/HTML background and no exposure to data fundamentals. They make no distinction between application programs and a DBMS and between files and databases -- they aren't even aware of such distinctions. Many were not around when databases and DBMSs were invented precisely because we learned the hard way that managing data in files with applications is not a cost-effective approach. Since the object approach originates in -- and was intended for -- programming, it is hardly surprising that, in the absence of such a distinction, programmers extend objects to database management, too - to those with a hammer, everything looks like nails. "

"Even if data reside in memory, there are still critical reasons to manage it independently of applications -- these are two separate issues. Indeed, data independence, including integrity independence, is a major objective in switching from application files to databases."

Oh, Oh not OO Again
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